‘I Want Provocation,’ Says Tom Jeckel: Kites as Carriers of Unspoken Words

Ben Ruhe
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Being placed on Thomas Jeckel’s Websites is sort of like praying for rain and receiving a downpour that washes out the valley. Delightful at first, his postings start to overload your screen, or at least your nervous system. Yet the thought of erasure never occurs. Amid the oddities and incoherencies, there are wonderful postings------------ weekly, daily, hourly.

As his many Websites and frequent postings from around the globe imply, the tall, robust 44-year-old Jeckel (who signs himself Tom, Tomm, or Tomas as the spirit moves him) is energetic, even manic. He is usually in an elated state, and is distinctly work-ridden and self-promoting but in a charming way. Because of his racing thoughts and grand schemes, he is alien to the systematic approach. He leaves that to others.

In an interview in Bangkok, where he fetched up on the way home from an underwater kite photography project in the south of Thailand, the Aachen resident explained what makes him tick.

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