‘What Is Important Is to Have Joy’ :9-Nation Nordic Kite Federation Forms

Ben Ruhe
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Architect, city planner, computer programmer Marten Bondestam has an unusual vision. He wants to establish a really active Nordic kite federation. What makes his concept surprising is its scope---the association numbers nine nations.

Nine? Yes, that’s the number. All are independent or semi-independent, all have their own flags. In addition to the obvious Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, included are the Faroe Islands, Aland (a big island between Finland and Sweden), Iceland, Greenland, and Sameland (the former Lappland).

Kites are routinely now flown in all of the countries except possibly Greenland, but Bondestam, of Boback, Finland, has no problem envisioning the expansion of the sport to that really far north island of Inuit and polar bears. He’s a self-confessed visionary.

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