About Drachen's New Thai Collection

Scott Skinner
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The collection of Thai royal kites Ron Spaulding of Bangkok put together for The Drachen Foundation is notable because it is the first time the Foundation has gone out and actively sought to obtain a comprehensive collection of kites from a given tradition, complete with all the accessories used to fly them, the tools to craft them, as well as samples of native materials used in their manufacture.

In addition to obtaining this extensive holding, perfect for a small-scale exhibition, we made it a point to sit Spaulding down and have him give us a non-kiteflier, that is to say not overly technical, information on every item he hand-delivered to Seattle headquarters of the Foundation. In many cases, it was very detailed information because Spaulding is clearly the English-language expert on the Thai royal kite tradition and the perfect person to get this vital historical information down on paper for this and future generations.

Ron, an advertising executive by profession, added his own charming note to the documentary process by making lovely drawings to illustrate points he wanted made.

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