Amazing Fano From the Air

Ben Ruhe
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There’s no organization, no schedule, no events, few spectators. It’s not a festival. It’s just Fano— an annual gathering of many thousands of kite makers and fliers, mostly European, on nine miles of Danish hard sand beach during a week in June. Vehicles can be driven right out onto the sand and there they are used as staging points as fliers fly their kites, meet friends, and party. An island in the North Sea, Fano is well north (on a level with Copenhagen), so the sun doesn’t really set in the summer and flying goes on around the clock. The chill sea wind is normally brisk and there is no need to bring kites down for the night, what little there is of it, if sleep does call. Just tie them down and let them fly over the beach Amazing Fano From the Air houses, snuggled deep for warmth in sand dune hollows. Nico Chorier of Montpellier, France, took a look at the Fano scene with camera mounted on kite—the absolutely appropriate way to view the spectacle. From this view of the gods, it is interesting to note the doubling effect of the sun, as shadows register more substance than the kites themselves. As for the kites in view, there are two Peter Lynn octopi and a puffer fish and three Rolf Zimmerman stars. Kites range up to 95 feet in length. The light-colored “scuff” areas on the beach, by the way, are soft sand dunes, not over a foot or so in depth and always growing or shrinking, blown over the darker hard pack of Fano’s beach.