Chuck Lund
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In most Afghani families, who plays with kites?

Mostly males play with kites beginning around five or six years old – once they know their right hand from their left. From there, it is all ages to include Grandpa. Kite running begins when the child is old enough to chase down a kite that’s been cut from the sky.

Who teaches the art of kite making?

Some secrets and techniques are shared, but everybody who builds learns by self. Building is rewarding. However, about 50% of the fliers purchase their fighting kites. Kite runners, of course, get their kites for free.

What is the typical flying environment for Afghani kites?

Anytime and anywhere – no regulations. The majority of the fliers can be found in cities because they are the population centers where more competitors will be found. Flying is done anywhere space allows, from the tops of walls and roof tops to the city streets. On occasion, there will be a special time and meeting place established. This is most likely for the better fliers and community champions and allows for more spectators and wagering.

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