Christmas with Peter Lynn

Charlie Watson
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It’s winter here [in New Zealand]. It’s been fairly mild, so I can’t really complain, but summer seems a long time ago. Last year I didn’t spend so much time in the seat, so when my Christmas holiday approached, I decided that I was going to ride my buggy as much as I could and jam with my buddies. I finished work on Friday, Dec. 17, 2010. I would have 18 days off and I wanted 10 rides. Not an unreasonable target if the wind blows. 

Saturday, Dec. 18: The wind was blowing and the tide was reasonable, but I just didn’t get out on the beach. No reason. Then it rained and the wind dropped off, and that was that. 

Sunday, Dec. 19: Things to do that don’t involve the wind. 

Monday, Dec. 20: I headed down to the park to do a light wind test on an old pink kite my brother bought online for $40 bucks. He had no idea how to set it up, so he left it with me. It seemed like something was missing. It’s only six square meters, but once I had it tuned up, it pulled like a truck. I should have taken my buggy. Three days down and still no time in the seat.

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