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Drachen Foundation Board and Staff
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What kind of person has the vision to doggedly pursue a need to preserve the artifacts of world kiting; surely an idiosyncratic history introvert? Upon joining the Drachen board of directors, I was surprised to find not a stodgy kite geek as our board president, but rather a person with an avid interest in many diverse things, among the most important of which was Scott’s penchant for seeking out and indulging in fun! Being a technologist, I was further delighted to find that Scott also was very receptive to the science disciplines of kiting. As I learned more about kites and Scott, I found that he was not only a fun-hog, but was indeed a consummate practitioner of flight. Scott’s delightful nature led to interesting board meetings, many frequently accompanied by special adventures to inspire us to greater heights. My association with Scott and Drachen has been a stimulating and valuable addition to my life, for which I have to blame Scott!


I met Scott about 20 years ago when I was directing the Davis Art Center gallery in Davis, California. While researching kites for what would become an annual exhibition and kite festival called WindWorks, I found Scott in Colorado and quickly realized that his collection could make short work of my curatorial efforts. He was enthusiastic about the show and before the end of our first conversation he had offered to personally deliver dozens of kites to California and help me install the exhibition.

Shortly after that inaugural WindWorks event, Scott invited me to Santa Monica to experience the AKA Convention. His generosity, enthusiasm, and knowledge of kites impressed me to no end, so when he asked me to serve on the board of his recently formed non-profit kite foundation, I readily agreed. The next day he loaned me his rental car so I could make the L.A. gallery rounds. I wrecked it – backed into a column in the hotel’s parking garage. Scott 23 Drachen Foundation 24 Drachen Foundation never told me what that little fender bender cost him. (Maybe his super-elite traveler status earns him a bulletproof rental agreement that allows for banged up sedan returns?) He did return the favor though.

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