Dealing With Dogs and the Public

Jim Cronin
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Picture the scene: a park on a sunny Sunday, people all over the place, me with a nine-foot box kite and no wind to help me launch it. I’m trying to coax the thing off the ground when a woman with two dogs wanders over and says: “They are scared to death of kites. I’m trying to get them used to them.”

She drags said dogs into my path. So now we have me frantically trying to avoid falling over two silly Labradors and their silly owner, the dogs being nervous to start with, whilst trying to launch an uncooperative kite, in no wind. No matter where I go, she drags the dogs along, apparently with a view to making them less nervous. The phrase: “Please go away, madam” or words to that effect, keep trying to force its way out of my lips.

She finally takes the hint and goes away, the dogs now scared of kites, kite fliers, size 10 walking boots, and, if they’ve got any sense, their owner.

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