Department of Tethered Aviation (DOTA)

Jose Sainz
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Department of Tethered Aviation (DOTA): A collection of talented, self-motivated individuals with common goals and visions of creating kite aerial displays that highlight the beauty and power of the wind.

At Burning Man, an annual gathering in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, also known as “the playa,” DOTA displays and shares aerial images that allow participants the opportunity to see the endless sky as a canvas for the beauty of tethered art. Burning Man has always had a number of great objects in the sky that have captured the imagination of many who go there for the art. Balloons, arches, skydivers, and smoke rings have been seen but are never as interactive with the community as tethered objects can be…

We at DOTA have united with some of the most talented and giving people in the world. Not all of us are kitemakers, but we all love to play with the wind. We have artists at all levels and skills for what we need as a camp to endure and flourish in the desert, which is by no means an easy environment to survive.

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