The Discovery of the Holy Grail: (And How It Can Help The Drachen Foundation)

Scott Skinner
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Like it or not, the collector is just below the surface in everything I do. When making kites, I'm influenced by historical examples from East to West; when watching kites, I'm drawn to those I'd like to own; and when reading about kites I'm struck by images and articles that I'd love to have original copies of. Having a day to myself in Salt Lake City, recently, I was hoping to make a trek down to Provo to an Oriental antiques store that I had heard good things about. In calling for directions however, I found that their number had been disconnected-not a good sign. As an alternate strategy, I decided to check out the local antique scene in Salt Lake City and, to my delight found a listing for an antique toy specialist (I didn't want to celebrate prematurely, but thought that this could be "happy hunting.")

As I started along the prime street, I noted that six or seven stores would keep me busy for the better part of the day. Of course, the "toy gun" was my first stop-I wanted to be fresh for this part of the hunt-but, damn, he was closed! What's more, he was closed and had a nice smiley face Hi Flier in the window! I held out some hope that he might open a little later, so started through the other stores. After two of three stores that were just not the type of places to hit pay dirt, I turned up the street to what looked like a small second-hand bookstore, at this point thinking that the day was going to be a waste.

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