Eddy and Woglom: The Parakite Contribution to the Eddy Kite

Dieter Dehn
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Until a year or so ago, the Eddy kite was a rather boring thing in my eyes. The kite is quite nice for applications and is suitable as a fast made giveaway for children or other people interested in an easy start in kite flying. Apart from this, the kite is not anything special in structure and everyone who knows anything about kites thinks he knows nearly everything about the Eddy kite and its inventor. 

What we all know about the Eddy kite is: 

It is a tailless kite, probably the first in the western world.  

The kite frame is made of two sticks of nearly equal length crossing at 18 to 20 percent of the length of the longitudinal stick.

The cross stick is bowed or dihedral to about 10 percent of the wingspan. 

There is only one thing that is often cited in the kite’s description that is not really clear: the cover of the kite should be somehow loose or wider than the frame to “bag” under wind pressure for improved stability. Unfortunately I found no description in any of my kite books that explained the meaning of a “cover somewhat wider than the frame.”

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