English, Australian Kite Patents Interpreted

Ben Ruhe
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A student of American kite patents, Ed Grauel of Rochester,N.Y., has expanded his research into kite creativity elsewhere in the Western world.

On behalf of the Drachen Foundation, he has now:

-prepared a definitive listing of all Australian kite patents from the first one issued in 1900 through 1997;

-read and summarized the 59 English kite patents issued from 1911 through 1965 (it would be very difficult to check the 800,000 patents issued prior to 1911 to determine which, if any, covered kites);

-digested most of the German kite patents made available to him and is seeking to obtain 4 missing ones plus any filed since 1994, if any were in fact even issued;

-anticipates reading, studying and summarizing copies or abstracts of all similar French material when it becomes available to him shortly.

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