The George Peters Road Show

Ben Ruhe
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George Peters puts on such an imaginative, memorable performance at kite festivals, he is invited to them all around the world. Within an hour of arriving at a flying field, he will have so many kites flying, banners waving and odd fabric creations mounted in the sand or grass, the observer assumes a team of six people is at work, hardly a lone kiteflier. Peters arrives early and stays later, active all the time.

His kites and related creations not only perform well, they are extremely beautiful and notably original. Once you've seen his work, you can instantly identify a Peters wind object at a distance. He is unquestionably one of the two or three best kitemakers in the world.

Not surprisingly, when Peters departs his little Boulder, Colorado, home, with its big workshop out back, he carts a lot of stuff with him. Having him spill out his bags and comment on their contents reflects an unusual mind at work-both intensely creative and charmingly eccentric.

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