Ben Ruhe
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A stint in Texas while on active duty with the German air force got Ulli Draheim turned on to things American, so when he later took up collecting old, historic kites he naturally turned to Gibson Girl kites and Paul Garber target kites from the World War II period.

Both are American icons. He’s got 80 of the Gibson Girls, along with the gear that goes with them – eight radio transmitters plus generators, tech manuals, lines, extra parts. The Gibson rigs are colored a high visibility yellow, a color Draheim adores. His car is bright yellow. Produced by the U.S. and its ally Britain, all his Boxkite Gibsons have instructions in English except for one oddity, a Gibson Girl with instructions in Russian. Since Russia was a wartime ally, this trophy kite is not a complete surprise, although its history remains unknown. Draheim acquired the oddity at eBay auction.

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