Harnessing the Wind for the World

Cho Byong Ook
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The vision for the Kite Museum of Korea came from Sang-Ho Park of South Korea, a professional who has successfully worked to help Korean corporations meet their environmental regulations. He found the time to pursue an interest in the wind, which lead him to the door of the Drachen Foundation, and thus began the conversations for transition of our kite collection to South Korea.

Join us for an interview of Mr. Park by Mr. Cho Byong Ook.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in 1961. I finished university by 1986. After university I started BSENTEC,(www.bsentec.co.kr), a company that produces environmental purification and testing equipment to monitor pollution rates. Our company has been successful in helping our clients to be good environmental stewards and not add to the pollution of the world. We have won many awards from the South Korean Environmental Ministry as well as a citation from the President of Korea last year.

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