'High Quality, Excellent Depth’'

Scott Skinner
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The demise of Kite Lines is the end of an era. For many years, the publication was about the only voice of kiting. It was a window on what was going on worldwide, the only place you could learn about people doing interesting things in kiting. It plumbed a variety of kite customs and kite lore around the globe.

Valerie Govig was a scrupulous editor with a good artistic eye. She and her late husband Mel rounded up a lot of good writing and photographic talent and the illustrated essays were clear and of good quality. Kite Lines had good writers who traveled and had interesting experiences in the world of kiting, people like Tal Streeter, Pierre Fabre, George Peters. Kite Lines encouraged people to write about kiting who otherwise would not have done so.

In addition to being of very high quality, the magazine had excellent depth. The technical material was very good. In some cases it was opinionated, but you knew who the writers were because the articles were bylined and you could make your own judgments.

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