Highlights from 20 Years

Scott Skinner
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It’s time to reflect on twenty years of the Drachen Foundation and talk about some of the moments that have made us proud.

Before doing that, let me take a moment to thank three people who made the Foundation what it is. First, my wife Sherry, who agreed so many years ago to let me pursue this passion and then participated in funding the organization through its history. Sherry was nice enough to let me travel the globe while she managed kids, dogs, and household emergencies. Without Sherry’s support, the Drachen Foundation would have remained nothing but a dream.

Next, of course, is Ali Fujino, who, while perhaps not the heart and soul of the organization, was its muscle and bones. Ali has done all the detail-oriented tasks that an administrator must do, and has added an energy and focus that would never have been present had I been “in charge.” She was the driver of almost every Drachen project, from patches, pins, and t-shirts to collection acquisition to completed publications. Without Ali, there would have been no Foundation.

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