How One Australian Manages Teaching Kitemaking for a Living

Ben Ruhe
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Tony Rice, of Brisbane, Australia, has for years been pulling off a feat. He has been able to live, and evidently thrive, largely by giving kite workshops.

He teaches all ages and spreads joy wherever he goes. “Kids----and adults----make something with their hands, decorate it, successfully fly it,” he says. “It’s tangible, fulfilling, fun. They can’t get it out of a computer. They’re enthusiastic.”

Tony’s secret seems to be his outgoing nature. He’s energetic, amiable, well spoken, somewhat theatrical. It helps that devoted friends in schools and museums arrange for him to be booked. Frequent appearances on television publicize his work and have earned him the name “The Kite Man.” The occasional museum exhibition of his work helps keep his name fresh.

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