The Inspiration of a Betty Street Kite

Darci Moyers
Rebecca (Becca) McCoy
Gart Davis
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I was trained to be an observer of life; to find those incidents and experiences that influence people to the point of action. This delightful blog of how this kite came to be is the direct result of individuals who were inspired by something they saw; a wonderful kite by Texas Tech University art educator and artist Betty Street. Betty’s art was done with the passion of her past, patchwork quilting and textiles, using these motifs to make kites that flew. Now retired, it is Betty’s artful ways (teaching and doing kite workshops and leaving a legacy of terrific examples of good kiteflying art) that continues to network the world in a kitemaking exchange, sharing what each individual, country or culture does, in making their kites. I find it fascinating that this informational path continues, long after Betty has stopped university teaching.

– Ali Fujino

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