Interview with Ben Ruhe

Scott Skinner
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Introduction by Ali Fujino

Ben was there for Drachen in the early years as the professional writer to research and document the world of kiting. As a world-class traveler, there was no place that Ben wouldn’t go to find a story, documenting the history and culture of kites. (Ben reports that he has visited exactly 84 countries!) It is his journalistic talents that have given the kiting world professional documentation in both written and photographic imagery.

He covered Asia, Europe, and Central and North America. Drachen could not give an exact number of interviews he conducted for us, but it is in the hundreds. His photo archive is in the thousands.

Interview by Scott Skinner

This article started with a simple premise; ask ten questions of Ben Ruhe for his memories about his work with the Drachen Foundation over the last 20 years.

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