Key Question Is Asked by Its Inventor: But Is It the Breakthrough Kite for Traction Flying?

Peter Lynn
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Some Greek said that if an Ox drew a picture of God it would look like and Ox. Perceptive for 2,500 years ago, I thought, and also I thought that it's time my writings became a bit less serious again. But then I thought, like hell they should, this having fun is a serious business.

"I look through a glass darkly, etc." Ah, to know the future. What will be the standard kite surfing kite five years from now? The Big Question!

This is assuming, of course, that our sport will have settled out to just a few styles by then. But, every other field of physical innovation has followed this path, that is, gone through a period of wild divergence in form, followed by winnowing out to just a few or even just one dominant layout.

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