A Kite Innovation in the Year 1910: Bicycle Touring

Roch Donzella
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Mr. P. Poirier spoke of towing bicycles with the help of kites. Having had several experiences with this concept ourselves, we believe that making our results known will be useful to our readers.

The idea to use kites for the traction of vehicles is not new. It is only necessary to refer to Mr. Lecornu's book to find the story, sufficiently documented, of the first experiences of this type which took place in England (Pocock's car in 1828), and then during Colonel (then Captain) Cody's 1903 crossing of the English Channel in a canoe pulled by a cell kite.

Actually, the kite can still be used for towing cars and canoes, but the most widely used vehicle is the bicycle. It is natural to think about using the aid of the wind to get around without tiring, and the bicycle pulled by a kite is the motorcycle brought within range of all pocketbooks.

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