Kite Lines Magazine Remembered

Ben Ruhe
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After 24 years and 50 issues, Kite Lines magazine has ceased publication. Publisher and editor Valerie Govig decided to fold the publication because of steadily declining revenues, linked to a fading American market for kites. The death of her longtime magazine aide and husband Mel was a factor as well. “"I enjoyed doing the magazine,”" she says. "“The doing is what I enjoyed."

” Kite Lines was unquestionably the best of the international kite publications. It sought from the start, and succeeded, in being global in reach. With an adventurous mix of feature stories, technical articles and coverage of personalities in the kite world, the publication had a fine balance. It was renowned for the high quality of its writing and illustrations. To read Kite Lines was to keep abreast of almost everything of interest going on around the globe in the kite field.

In an interview from her new home in Millsboro, Delaware, which she shares with fiance Leonard Conover, “"one of my best writers on Kite Lines,”" as she says, Valerie Govig recalls the history of the magazine. “"Our interest in kites started in Monterey, California, where Mel and I were living. This was one of many places we lived over the years. Mel was a supply officer in the U.S. Navy and we got shifted around a lot.”"

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