The Lure of Collecting Kite Stamps

Ben Ruhe
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“There is a fascination in collecting kite stamps and first day covers.” The speaker is Scott Skinner, president of the Drachen Foundation and a leading collector of kites and kite memorabilia. “You have a huge variety of types of kites, you have the puzzle of understanding the motivation for using a kite as the image, and you have the pleasure of the unexpected— of finding a kite picture where you don’t expect to find it. For a collector, it has all the lure of the hunt.”

It’s not a large field. Skinner, of Monument, Colorado, has 106 stamps in his collection, with some duplication from first day covers. He believes this is some 95 percent of the total global output. “There isn’t much information about kite stamps available,” says Skinner. “The topic doesn’t show up on the philatelist radar screen.”

Collecting kite stamps is a fairly low-cost hobby. Skinner says the average price might be $2. The single most valuable stamp, perhaps available in the neighborhood of $35, is a Thai issue showing a traditional aerial fight between male chula and female pakpao kites.

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