Making and Flying a Light Indoor Kite

Charlie Sotich
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Tiny kites have long been a specialty of Charlie Sotich, of Chicago. “Miniature kites are my passion, ” he says. “They are easy to build, cheap—pennies apiece—and I can give them away. My friends are happy and I’m happy they’re happy.

Sail: .00015 Mylar film or thin plastic bag Spars: Vertical—bamboo 1/32 by 1/32 inches or less Cross—1/50 by 1/50 inch bamboo for 9" side; .010- .012 D. cedar for 8" side Glue: Water soluble contact cement to attach spars to sail (try Elmer’s Premium Q Neoprene thinned by about 10%) Flyline: Thin thread

1. Draw full size sail plan on a piece of cardboard with at least a 1" border around the sail.