Modern Art and Kites: A Successful Mix

Scott Skinner
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Having studied the "Pictures for the Sky" catalogue, I found the reality of the large exhibition surprising. What you don't get from looking at the book is scale. The kites in the exhibit are generally quite big. You don't get to see kites as big in Japan very often.

Longing to see the exhibit for years, I caught up with it finally in Luxembourg last year, where the organizer, Dr.Paul Eubel, is directing the Goethe Institute-Germany's cultural equivalent of the United States Information Agency.

Organized when Eubel was based in Osaka, the giant collection had now been exhibited on four continents and has finally found a permanent home in a former aircraft hangar in Detmold, Germany, near Dusseldorf. It will debut there as part of Germany's Year 2000 celebration.

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