Peter Lynn Muses Aloud: Inventive New Zealander Developing New Kite

Peter Lynn
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"I'm immersed in the development of a new kite, and being an obsessive sort of person who can only think about one thing at a time, I just hate interruptions when the lady has fluttered her eyes and the chase is on.

"There are two types of research and development. The first is aimed at getting totally new breakthrough type things such as our kite traction industry has seen with the original Flexifoil, the WipiKa and only a few other kites in the 20 years plus since the power kiting revolution started. Getting one of these is every designer's dream but, as history shows, it is incredibly difficult; requires talent, perseverance beyond the bounds of all rational behavior, at least some luck, and is at best an uncertain path to fame and financial security. The windsurfer, one of the most significant recreational inventions of this century, was, I think, invented by someone called James Drake in the late '60s. Is he famous now? Rich?

"Going for real breakthroughs is like thinking about sex every second of your life but having it only once or perhaps never. Frustrating stuff. Not that I can deny that making a true breakthrough is not worth all the suffering and more. The warm glow afterward is also short-lived though, quickly replaced by a gnawing 'can I do it again' fear. Additionally, as fields become more developed, there are less and less undug spots remaining to investigated for buried treasure-as an individual, the best odds are at the beginning, it only seems like there are more chances for discoveries later because many more people are looking."

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