Profile: Kites Send Businessman on Personal Odyssey

Ben Ruhe
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Eden Maxwell made his name in the world of kiting with his 1989 book Kiteworks. Smoothly written and well illustrated, the volume, issued by Sterling Publishing of New York, covered the fascinating global spectrum of kiting. It sold well and remained in print for a decade.

Seeing a good thing, another New York publisher, Black Dog and Leventhal, bought the rights to the volume and reissued it last year in hardcover as The Magnificent Book of Kites. Hearing at the last minute of the pending reissuance, Maxwell, by pleading with the new publisher and working hard, was able to add to the volume. He updated it with three sections: essays on kites on the Internet, new information on using computers to design kites, and kite resources on the web. This brought the book into the new Millennium.

As part of the publishing arrangement, Sterling Publishing put out its own version of the revised volume-a fat 463-page paperback.

Just as its predecessor was, the Magnificent Book has been a hit. It comes up as the top-rated match in the "kites" book category on the booming Internet site, a guarantee that sales will be good for years to come.

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