Some Thoughts by a Finnish Master: Wit and Wisdom About Kiting

Ben Ruhe
Marten Bondestam
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Happy Moments

The park is full of very small children each running and shouting with her little yellow Sun Ray kite. The cloudy day has become a sunny one. It should fly. A big black monster tube. My wife and I just laugh and laugh as it rolls and rolls but never flies.


What is art, and what are artistic kites? Prose is literature with some extra intellectual qualifications. Visual art is some painting, etc., with some extra intellectual qualities. Artistic kites are kites with some extra intellectual qualities. Beauty is not art. Art can be ugly, but must have an intellectual message.

Mental Therapy

At every level of mental health people will feel better by kiting. Your thoughts are concentrated on the kite, not on problems. The kiting is an experience of reality, nature and not of abstract fantasies. To make a kite and successfully fly it gives a strong feeling of success. The feeling of the high soaring kite is good for you. You feel you are up there above the landscape. It’s a feeling of achievement and freedom. The character of a kite can be beauty and joy. It is free from any connections to human intrigues.

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