Tom Van Sant: Close Encounter of the Third Kind

Chris Yuengling-Niles
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Introduction by Ali Fujino

In 2005 Scott Skinner and I had the good fortune to be a part of a washi paper tour of Japan, organized by the handmade paper goddess Hiromi Katayama. We traveled from Osaka to Kochi visiting traditional handmade paper makers and meeting the families involved.

Among the people that we met on that trip was American paper artist Christine Yuengling-Niles. One of the most creative individuals in the universe, she is an artist with incredible credentials who lives in Los Angeles. After ten days of traveling together on the Japanese paper roads, it was clear to us that we should not only savor our new knowledge of handmade Japanese paper, but also NEVER lose sight of Christine.

Since that tour, Chris has been one of the Drachen family. We have invited her to participate in various projects all over the world, collaborating with her creative eye, her personal humor and wit, her ability to dive right in and work on a project (not just pushing it along, but contributing MORE to it), and her ability to work with very little definition.

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