A Tradition in the West Indies: ‘Singing’ Kites Surface in Seattle

Ben Ruhe
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George A. Peters is a West Indian living in Seattle who has made a satisfying career for himself as carpenter by day, musician by night, and kiteflier over the weekends.

He likes doing all three jobs, but it is the kites that are his great passion.

“Kites are uplifting, fun. They relieve stress. You combine paper and sticks, string and glue and that thing goes up in the sky. What more pleasure can anyone get? I love making kites, teaching how to make them, flying them. That’s my satisfaction in life.”

All this in a mellifluous English, learned on the island of Grenada in the lower Caribbean, where he grew up. Grenada is a lush, green island famous for its spices and its steady trade winds, perfect for kites.

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