Waiting on History

Scott Skinner
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I’m sitting in my office on the 1st of November, taking stock of the interesting events of the past month. It was the 3rd of October when Ali Fujino, administrator of the Drachen Foundation, forwarded an email she had received from Carsyn Gaines, a man asking about two items he was considering bringing to market via eBay. Carsyn had already done his homework and knew a little about what he had. He knew there was one of these in the Smithsonian; he knew the Drachen Foundation might shed light on the objects. He also was in touch with Bob White, a Canadian friend of the kite world who has focused on the historical aspects of kiting, to get an idea of what these objects might be worth.

Well, you might have guessed what Carsyn held: not just one, but two original Eddy kites. It was revealed he had purchased the kites for little from a posting on an area Craigslist. After asking (and hoping) that Carsyn not put both kites on eBay, he and his sister decided to put both kites up for online auction. 

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