Although digital technology and access is changing the use of our written world, we were proud to start our communication through the Journal. This wonderful “printed” blog approach came mostly from the editorial direction and pen of Scott Skinner, Ali Fujino, and our man in the field, Ben Ruhe. From years of Journal publications, we changed the format to be not a few individuals' view but to have individuals of the kite community use their own words to bring forth something innovative and exciting about the world of kites. Enter the current edited version of Discourse by Katie Davis, Scott Skinner, and Ali Fujino. Below are archived articles from both the Journal and Discourse.

Most Recent Articles

  • THE COMPETITION: The Chulas and Pakpaos engage in an annual battle of the sexes at Sanam Luang, the Royal Parade Grounds next to and directly north of the Grand Palace in Bangkok. Kiteflying from March 15 to April 15 is the time when winds-"kite winds"-blow from the south. The due north orientation of the venue and the way the winds blow over the palace provide excellent flying conditions.
  • The collection of Thai royal kites Ron Spaulding of Bangkok put together for The Drachen Foundation is notable because it is the first time the Foundation has gone out and actively sought to obtain a comprehensive collection of kites from a given tradition, complete with all the accessories used to fly them, the tools to craft them, as well as samples of native materials used in their manufacture.
  • Like it or not, the collector is just below the surface in everything I do. When making kites, I'm influenced by historical examples from East to West; when watching kites, I'm drawn to those I'd like to own; and when reading about kites I'm struck by images and articles that I'd love to have original copies of. Having a day to myself in Salt Lake City, recently, I was hoping to make a trek down to Provo to an Oriental antiques store that I had heard good things about. In calling for directions however, I found that their number had been disconnected-not a good sign.
  • Fano 1999 had the best weather in the 15 year history of the kitefliers' meeting. Only one day was washed out by the showers, so typical on this small Danish island, and what a pleasant coincidence that it was the same afternoon that the scheduled Alexander Graham Bell Symposium was to be held. Over 65 enthusiasts sought shelter and information in Fano's elementary school, and, as showers pelted the island, were treated to lectures by Ralf Schroder and Achim Kinter. (For a sample of Ralf Schroder's design work, see "Drachen Sport und Design" May 1999.)
  • There's so much to say about eBay, the online auction site, that I have to sit and think about where to start. If you follow the financial new about internet stocks, there is little doubt that you have heard of eBay. It has shown huge stock price gains, followed by pretty wild fluctuations, and it has done it all with few traditional measures of value. (A view of it's financial history just in 1999 shows an increase from just under $100 a share on Jan.1, to more than $200 a share in May, to around $90 in August.)