Although digital technology and access is changing the use of our written world, we were proud to start our communication through the Journal. This wonderful “printed” blog approach came mostly from the editorial direction and pen of Scott Skinner, Ali Fujino, and our man in the field, Ben Ruhe. From years of Journal publications, we changed the format to be not a few individuals' view but to have individuals of the kite community use their own words to bring forth something innovative and exciting about the world of kites. Enter the current edited version of Discourse by Katie Davis, Scott Skinner, and Ali Fujino. Below are archived articles from both the Journal and Discourse.

Most Recent Articles

  • Introduction by Scott Skinner
  • In man’s search for usable energy, the journey started with the first spark that led to harnessing fire, and continues toward the hope of nuclear fusion power in the future. Here I’d like to draw from that history and consider how kites may be on the verge of becoming a small part of that story.
  • Editor’s Note: This tribute to Charlie Sotich captures the importance of the community of kiting. Drachen was honored to work with Marla and Ron Miller to help preserve Charlie’s legacy for generations to come. Examples of his work can be seen at Donate to the “Thank You Charlie” Program at More information about the program should be directed to Marla Miller at Upload your photos of Charlie’s kites to our website at
  • “Thinking is the recognition of my ideas from the response of others.” - Alexander Kluge What does a happy child on top of a mountain at the Argentinian Patagonia have in common with a group of youngsters living in poor conditions but enjoying a beautiful experience at the delta of the Rio de la Plata River in Buenos Aires? And with many other children all over Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, China, and Italy? Or with a grandfather who inhabits the joyful space of a gathering with his grandson?
  • You make your residence in Boulder, Colorado. How did you get there, and what’s a day like in Boulder? I moved to Boulder in 1992 when I was hired in a tenure track position in the photography area of the art department at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I had been teaching for about 18 years at that point at a number of universities around the U.S. but could never find a place to stay. I wanted to be in the west and it worked out.