Kite Biographies

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Achim Kinter

Kinter is one of the leading German historical kite makers. His reconstructions of Cody, Sauls, Grund kites and others, have made him an authority...
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Adnyana Nyoman

Nyoman is one of the world’s great kite ambassadors and an advocate for the kite traditions of Bali. He has helped to introduce the...
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Ajay Prakash

Indian travel agent Prakash has led numerous “desert kite tours” in India. Traveling to Jodphur and Jaipur during the kite season...
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Akihiro Ogawa

Ogawa-san is one of the last professional hata makers in Nagasaki. Working in cramped quarters just down the hill from Nagasaki’s...
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Al Farsi Family

Abdul Rahman Al Farsi is the owner of the world’s largest kite (as of May 20, 2011), a giant manta ray made by Peter Lynn of New Zealand....
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Alessia Marrocu

As a youth, Sicilian born Alessia Marrocu was introduced to the world of kites by her parents and she has since established her own playful and...
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Alexander Graham Bell

Canadian Bell experimented extensively with tetrahedral kites in his quest of powered, controlled flight. His kite experiments culminated in the...
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Alison Fujino

The energetic administrator of the Drachen Foundation has been its central point of contact since inception. From a museum background she has...
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Amie Barcelou

Canadian Barcelou produced amazing three-dimensional, structural kites. Heavy, but well executed, his flying creations included skunks, a flying...
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Andre Cassagne

Andre Cassagne raised the bar in box-kite construction when he developed plastic connectors that could be used to make tetrahedrons, flying rings...
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