Kite Biographies

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Charles Lamson

An aeronautical experimenter at the end of the 19th and early 20th Century, Lamson is known for his “Aerocurve” kite, an elegant...
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Charlie Sotich

Father of miniature kites in the US, Sotich brought model-aircraft techniques to small kites. With Japan’s Nobuhiko Yoshizumi and Holland’s Harm...
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Chen Zhao Ji

From Xian, China, Ji makes spectacular kinetic kites featuring wind-driven mechanisms that animate the kites. He also makes beautifully painted...
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Chris Shultz

Chris has been close to kites for most of his adult life and is currently the US manager of HQ Kites. HQ is characterized by high-quality lines of...
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Chris Silvia

Chris burst onto the kite scene in the mid-1980s when he arrived at Newport, RI’s Blackships Kite Festival with prize-winning kites made...
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Christine Schwarting

Dramatic painting technique with high contrast and just a dash of color are trademarks of Christine’s work. Married to kite maker Frank Schwiemann...
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Christopher Ornelas

Drachen Foundation grant-recipient Ornelas spent months in Guatemala learning about the social implications of the barriletes gigantes,...
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Chuck Lund

An American fighter kite champion, Chuck has published plans for fighting kites, given workshops, and produced a handy guide to knots that is...
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Claude Commalonga

Little is known about this female kite artist from the south of France, but her creative energy and work reveals much of her kite story. Featured...
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Claudio Capelli

For twenty-five years, Claudio has been the driving force behind Cervia, Italy’s International Kite Festival: Cervia Volante. Capelli is a...
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