Kite Biographies

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Cliff Quinn

Quinn is a prolific builder of distinctive ripstop kites and has been featured in a television series on kite building for the beginner. His easy...
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Clive Hart

Author of the authoritative, Kites, An Historical Survey, Hart has written extensively on the pre-history of flight. He is a professor of...
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Connor Doran

A teenager living with epilepsy, Connor skyrocketed to fame on America’s Got Talent with his indoor kite flying. The emotional and...
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Corey Jensen

Corey has been a lifetime promoter of kites. From retailer, to writer, to kite buggy pioneer, he has brought an entire generation to various...
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Craig Wilson

An accomplished Kite Aerial Photographer as well as innovative indoor kite performer, Craig helped put a distinctive mark on the American kite...
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Curt Asker

Asker is one of the pioneer kite artists, exploring the artistic possibilities of kites over forty years ago. His arresting images are as fresh...
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Dan Kurahashi

From British Columbia, Canada, "Good Looking" Dan has been an active member of the kiting community for over three decades. He brings...
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Dan Leigh

A specialist in delta kites, Dan produced beautiful kites throughout the 1980s and 1990s. His high-flying deltas were crafted to perfection:...
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Dan Proebstal

Dan produced innovative cellular kites in the 1990s. Characterized by umbrella-mechanisms for assembly and breakdown, these kites showcased...
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Dan Tracy

On the Hawaiin Island of Maui, engineer Dan Tracy has developed a portable wind energy system which use kites (power-sails) to harness wind power...
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