Kite Biographies

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Daniel Baselli

Daniel Baselli is a young Canadian art student from University of British Columbia who received a Drachen grant for researching the kites of...
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Daniel Prentice

Owner of Shanti Line Company in the San Francisco Bay area, Prentice became increasingly involved in the American kite movement in the late 1960s...
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Daniela Zitzmann

Secretary Zitzmann uses her spare time to make unique kites. Her creations feature found materials, various papers, yarns, twines, and bamboo. Her...
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Danny Franck

Israeli Franck has studied with Peter Lynn, worked at Vlieger Op, and is an accomplished kite buggier and kite boarder. The first to kite board in...
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Dave Bogie

In the late 1980s the kite community was graced by creative photographer Dave Bogie. His tongue-in-cheek KGB, Kite Group Boise (Idaho), was...
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Dave Gomberg

Owner of Gomberg Kites and Gomberg Kite Productions International, David is a longtime kite retailer specializing in show kites, inflatables,...
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Dave Lang

Retired NASA engineer, Dave Lang, brings a unique perspective to the Drachen Foundation Board of Directors. He is familiar with and involved in...
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Dave Santos

One of the active proponents of Airborne Wind Energy (AWE), Dave has extensive experience in aeronautic robotics. He is a hands-on producer of,...
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David and Dorothea Checkley

Having worked extensively throughout Asia, David started to lead tours for kite fliers in the 1980s, first to Japan, then later to China. For...
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David Kahn

Kahn has amassed one of the great collections of Japanese kites. From his first visit in 1986, to the present, museum curator Kahn was taken by...
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