Kite Biographies

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David Pelham

Designer and author, Pelham became a permanent fixture of the kite landscape with his publication of the Penguin Book of Kites, in 1976....
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David Wagner

An artist who has had kites as a part of his life for decades, David has experience in the design, production, and collaboration of many kites and...
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Deb Cooley

Deb has been an active participant in the middle of the American kite scene, living and working on the Oregon Coast. She has been a kite retailer...
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Dianne and Dave Butler

This husband-and-wife team bring different skills to kite making, but their results show how creative materials and techniques can be used in...
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Didier Ferment

French Kite artist Ferment has experimented with all types of kites, wind installations, Aeolian harps and wind-driven musical devices. Of...
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Dilip Kapadia

A devoted kite maker, flyer, and promoter of Indian kites, Dilip was a Drachen Foundation 5th Miniature Kite Contest winner. He is 76 years young...
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Domina Jalbert

Jalbert is credited with the invention of the parafoil, a ram-air-inflated, twin-skin kite that takes the cambered profile of an aircraft wing....
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Dominic Cotard

Frenchman Cotard has worked to discover the kite treasures in the archives of the Musee de L’air and is helping the museum produce a...
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Don Mock

Longtime Northwest US kite maker, Mock burst upon the American kite scene in the late 1980s with asymmetric, Northwest Indian-inspired kites that...
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Don Montague

Wind surfing entrepreneur Montague, working on the Hawaiian island of Maui is one of the world’s most experienced kite sailors. Kite...
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