Kite Biographies

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Don Tabor

Sport kite pioneer Don Tabor founded Top of the Line Kites and promoted the sport with his Top of the Line sport kite team. Winners of the first...
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Doug Hagaman

An early specialist in the design and execution of the parafoil, Doug corresponded with Domina Jalbert and other early experimenters of the form...
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Douwe Jan Joustra

A member of the growing and active historical kite movement in Europe, Douwe Jan Joustra has helped to organize several of the group’s...
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Dr. Jeff Cain

Jeff reminded modern American kitefliers of our close connection to the history of flight. He produced scale replicas of Otto Lillienthal’s...
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Dr. Paul Eubel

Organizer of the “Kunstdrachen, Bilder fur den Himmel” (Art Kites, Pictures for the Sky), exhibit, which debuted in 1988, Eubel married the art of...
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Ed and Bonnie Wright

Learning the intricacies of the parafoil at the knee of Mayor of the Green, George Hamm, Ed and wife Bonnie soon refined a parafoil design for the...
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Ed and Gail Lindsey

Another husband and wife team, Ed and Gail use their individual skills to produce beautiful contemporary kites. Ed crafts frames, connectors, and...
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Ed Grauel

Grauel compiled a complete listing of American kite patents, outstanding source material for kite historians, builders, and enthusiasts. He...
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Eden Maxwell

Author of the popular Kiteworks, Explorations in Kite Building and Flying, Maxwell is a painter, writer and kiteflier. After a...
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Eiji Ohashi

For years Eiji Ohashi has been famous for his trains of kites, but he should also be recognized for his innovative approach to kite making as well...
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