Kite Biographies

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Willi Koch

This wonderful German kitemaker has developed a unique style, using “woven” sails that become backdrops for exquisite appliqué...
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William Allison

William M. Allison, of Dayton, Ohio, patented his sled kite in 1956, which proved there was no conflict with Francis Rogallo’s Flexible kite...
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William Eddy

Inventor of the “Eddy Malay Tailless Kite”, in which bow was added to a classic diamond-shaped kite, the breakthrough provided greater stability...
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William Farber

Bill has extensive experience using appliqué sewing techniques with ripstop nylon – the choice material for most contemporary kites...
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William Henry Dines

1855-1927. One of the first to use kites in the serious study of the atmosphere, Englishman Dines invented a pressure-tube anemometer to measure...
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Yoshizo Sakuraba

Sakuraba-san is one of the accomplished Aomori kite makers of the traditional tsugaru dako. The tsugaru kites are instantly...
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Yukio Akiyama

Known for his “wiggling” kites, Akiyama is a creative Japanese kite maker unafraid to use modern materials in his creations. He also...
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