Congratulations to the 2012 AKA Edeiken Award Recipients

In early October, the American Kite Association presented the annual Edeiken Award to the 'Kiteflier of the Year' at the AKA convention in Enid, Oklahoma. This year's recipients recieved the following nomination:


I have long been impressed by the description of the primary Ediken Award qualifications. “The Kiteflier of the Year will be a person who, during their lifetime, will have shown friendly, loving, fair, and even-handed concern for people in general, but kitefliers in particular.”

While most kiters exhibit these qualities, some of our members really stand out. And one in particular is a life-long role model for consistently positive, friendly, and proactive behavior. No matter what the conditions or circumstances, I don’t think I have ever seen him not smiling at a kite festival.

For more than 30 years, our nominee has worked to teach kids to fly kites and has appeared at dozens if not hundreds of events with kite kits and packets of information for teachers.

For more than 30 years, our nominee has promoted the AKA and kiting with information tables, free magazines, and a delightful exhibit of miniature kites.

For more than 30 years, our nominee has consistently been one of the top recruiters of members to our Association.

Along the way, our nominee has helped pursue world records for the largest gathering of children flying kites together. He has developed mass-production, low cost kites for the masses. He has taught workshops. He has served more years on the AKA board than anyone. And he has served three terms as our President.

And throughout it all, he has continued to smile.

Consider please, the following:

  • Since January of 2004, he has forwarded over 10,000 Sled Kite Kits to kiting instructors. In the past five years, the total of winders that they have distributed for kite making projects has topped 150,000. This venture is not-for-profit. The only charges are for supplies and shipping.
  • He has attended festivals in China, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, England, France, Denmark, India, and the Caribbean. 
  • At his restaurant in Stillwater, Oklahoma, the kites collected at exotic locations or from local kiters and workshops are exhibited for the public to admire. 

For a lifetime of friendly, loving, fair, and even-handed concern for people in general, but kitefliers in particular, we are pleased to nominate the team of Richard and Marti Dermer.

David Gomberg
Susan Gomberg
Susan Skinner
Darrin Skinner
Mel Hickman

A video summarizing the nomination can be viewed online:

Congratultations to Richard and Marti Dermer on winning this prestigious award. Your dedication, love, generosity and big hearts have not gone unnoticed.

- The Drachen Foundation