Drachen Hosts a Kite Documentation Intern

“Talkin’ Bout his Generation….”
-The Who

In the nonprofit world, there are times when we work with the community to bring insight into what we do. Such was the case when I received a call from Nathan Hale sophomore, Lupe Carlos. His assignment at his school was to “shadow” someone who works in a nonprofit. He called me, having met me though his mother, he remembered me as the kite lady.


After his call, I decided it would be fun to have an intern for three days. Lupe showed up at the office to “shadow” me. Delightfully, our small staff at Drachen found it was more like, “keeping up with Lupe.” He was one of the most mature, focused workers that we had ever experienced for his age. He listened, and when confused, asked questions. He took all his tasks seriously and found his way to being the photographer and documentarian of our artifacts as we prepared them to go up online to our website.

Lupe Drawings

In the short three days he was with us, he managed to work with Erin our graphic/communications manager and document all the Charlie Watson kites for uploading onto the web (stay tuned for these uploads on the collection pages on drachen.org). We know that this is only the first pass through Drachen for Lupe. We thank him for choosing us.

-Ali Fujino