Drachen Supplies Materials for Kites in Haiti

A Non-Profit group working in Haiti, Haiti Child Sponsorship, purchased supplies from Drachen Foundation at a discounted rate to provide to children living in Haiti after the earthquake of 2010. The supplies (bamboo spars and winders) were supplied to the children along with colorful plastic bags. Kites are very popular among Haitian children, and they are often made with whatever materials can be scavanged or found laying about. The Creole word for kite is 'kap', which also means 'to lift up' and is a symbol of hope in Haiti. Julie Scott, the organizer, wrote this letter to Drachen Foundation after the project:

Dear friends at Drachen Foundation,

We had a great trip to Haiti.  Thank you so much for the discounted kite supplies.  We were able to share the supplies with hundreds of students at the school.   These students have suffered much since the 2010 earthquake and it was a joy to share some hope with them!  Since we are not experts in kite-making, they basically taught us!  They wanted more than 2 bamboo spars and we were able to give them extra.  Haitian kites look more like the spokes on a wheel!  Here are the best of the photos.

The students and teachers enjoyed a fun afternoon of kite-making and kite-flying thanks to your support!

For Haiti,

Julie Scott