Gloria Stuart

"Haiku I Never Sent My Lovers"
Excerpted From Gloria Stuart's masterwork "Flight of the Butterfly"

Dangle kites with me,
Perhaps the butterfly kind,
And I will kiss you!

My butterfly kite
Will fly high and far away --
You may come along.

My soft wings await
My true love's nakedness
In a sweet surround.

Butterflies will nest
In between my throbbing breasts --
I am so in love.

Dear butterfly, you
Who follows me with winged love,
Where then my lover?

I will soar, and I
Will drift among singing winds --
And wish you nothing.

I will fly my kite,
And leave you no horizon
No rim of Heaven.

Do not unsay your
Protestations, dearest one,
They will betray you.

Lift my fantasies --
Leave me to dream of lovers,
Coupled warm and free.

My kite does not love,
It has no heart, it is free --
And now, I of thee.

You creatures of the Earth,
Diverse, lyrical and doomed,
Glad am I to leave you.

My kite and a full moon,
(Solace for ninety-odd years--)
Floating high and free!

Gloria Stuart
July 4, 1910 - September 26, 2010

Gloria applying blue background wash to paper

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