Information is Power

As a supporter of Drachen, we thank you for being a part of our survey our new website. 

I do have to admit, as a consumer, I am often a “victim” of being asked to participate in a “short” survey. I am often lured by free gifts or possibilities of winning a wonderful prize. All these enticements work, and often after spending what seems to be more than four minutes of my time, I end up annoyed that I volunteered and vow that I will not do a survey again. In reviewing your gracious comments, this survey allows us to look at what we’ve done and with your guidance and comments, make it even better. Information is power.
Many people asked us why we redesigned and changed our website. The old website seemed to be “good enough,” as it was one of the most informative of all kiting sites, so why tamper with something that is not broken? Our board of directors felt we could do better, and as the world of technology caught up with us, there became better ways to present our kiting histories. Our other purpose was to continue to address the needs of our clients.  We wanted to make your flights through our website as easy as possible, finding particular information of need and to discover new areas of interest.
Too much information can sometimes be complicated and threatening.    We suggest visitors to take time in visiting and experiencing various sections. Remember, we hope we will always be on line so come back for several visits. 
Our new site is a very sophisticated site. Instead of information flowing one direction, we ask you as the visitor to participate and work with us.  We ask you to upload your knowledge about kites whether it is a personal experience, a kite or a collection. In this manner, we will grow and share our knowledge and become a larger body of information about kites.
With all this said, here are 5 comments about our new site!
            “Easy to navigate!” 
This was a resounding comment, and one that we hoped would be made. Making 17 years and thousands of years of kite history (data/information) manageable is always a goal, but in the case of the amount that we had, it was a huge challenge.
Even though it is easy, as we upload more information, we will need to organize and manage it even with more careful scrutiny.
            “Maybe doing more with geographic (mapping) would be worthwhile.”      
There is a need to connect parts of the world and where the kites originate from might make world geography easier. We will look into this.
I love the 4 photo images. It would be cool to see them change periodically. “ 
Having the photos change out is a good idea, and we are looking into how those photos will interact with new text.
“Everything seems to be focused on single line kites.” 
This is a good observation, and the need to bring more of the sporting kite world into view is in the works. New content is being uploaded all the time. The job is never done! We are in progress of putting up our collection, The Grauel Patents, the Historical Kite Research of Dr.Ben Balsley, Sport Kiting, more bios, the miniature kite collection of Harm van Veen, just to name a few…continue to watch us grow…
“Kiteflying is action, and there doesn’t seem to be enough of that on this site.”
We agree, and will be posting more videos in the near future! The world of kiting is not static.

The more one uses our site and the more comments we receive about it will help us continue to make the website better and better. It is true, a good site is one that grows and changes with the times. A good site is one that is not designed and programmed and left in that manner.

Programming time costs money and need to be raised to meet these demands.

We are excited about this new beginning, and with your support we will continue to make it better. We love to hear from you, keep in touch.
Ali Fujino
Executive Director
Drachen Foundation