KIWA Kites on Exhibition in December & January


For the 6th KIWA Exhibition held in the Kyoto City Museum in April 2011, we devoted space to woodblock printed kites!  This coveted collection of print kites made their way to the United States and are featured in two locations.

Cullom Gallery
603 South Main Street, Seattle, Washington  98104
Tuesday to Saturday, 10 to 5 pm

This show features the kites of Scott Skinner, Binky Walker, Annie Bisset, Nobuhiko Yoshizumi, Linda Beeman, Francesca Lohmann, Don Mock, Erin Curry, Saskia Lehnert, Emma Levitt, Erin Schiedler, and David Thompson.  All kites are for sale!

Mighty Tieton Warehouse Gallery
608 Wisconsin Avenue
Tieton, Washington  98947
509. 847.3034
Open by appointment, call 509.494.2009

This show features a special exhibition of Mokuhanga kites that were done for Mexico:  Robert Trepanier, Canada, Scott Skinner, USA, Alicia Marrocu, Italy and Jose Sainz, USA, Nobuhiko Yoshizumi, Japan and Istvan Bodozcky, Hungary, as well as the kites from the KIWA exhibition featuring:  Karen Quint, Kristina Hagman, Michelle Ouellet, Jean Womack, Christine Yuengling-Niles, Alfred Stark, Roland Kraft, H. C. Kjelshus, Chris Harmon, and Eileen Tavolacci.