Moku Hanga Contest Artist Interview

The field of artists is gaining in interest. Mark Rice submitted the print below to our moku hanga contest, which prompted me to email him and ask him the following questions.

Ali Fujino: How did you find out about the exhibition?

Mark Rice: I was told about it by a RISD faculty member. I had just had an exhibition of my own about kites and they sent me a link to your exhibition. Here is a ink to my kite show:

AF: Are you a student? Teacher?

MR: I am a graduate student at RISD. I am currently a teaching assistant in an Intro to Relief class.

AF: Have you worked in woodblock printing a lot?

MR: I have. I have returned after a long break from copper engraving. Here is my blog:

Don't be left out. Join the fun! Submit your prints to Drachen by the January 15th deadline. Read more information about our moku hanga contest here.