A NEW Transition for DF Executive Director, Ali Fujino

Ali Fujino For almost 20 years, the Drachen Foundation has grown and thrived thanks to our dedicated board of directors, staff and the kiting community.  The Drachen Foundation has supported an investment in people and technology to capture all aspects of kiting and to now bring it online to share with the world.  

I have been very fortunate to have been a part of this work, in the role of executive director, for the last 20 years, doing a job which inspired and delighted me daily. As we continue the transition to a web-based presence, we have reduced the amount of outreach and programming that has been such a large part of the job over the years, and as a result, my role will shift to serving as a board member of the Drachen Foundation.  In this transition, I have the satisfaction of knowing that the work we have done has allowed us to take this next step in our evolution, and I am excited that I will continue to be a part of the future of Drachen through my work on the board.  

This transition has also allowed me the exciting opportunity to accept a new fulltime position with the Alaska Wilderness League (www.alaskawild.org), as Director of Advancement, supporting the mission of AWL to preserve Alaska’s wild lands and water.  

 I join with Scott in thanking you for your many years of support and hope that you will join us in 2013 as we celebrate 20 years of work and look to the future of our outreach to the worldwide kiting community through the web.

It’s been great being the Executive Director of such a dynamic foundation!  

The best in 2013,