The Wiener’s Circle BBQ: Gasworks Park Kite Shop and Kathy Goodwind move on…


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The true hero is Scott Skinner, who took the time and money to fly in for a one afternoon appearance to make Kathy Goodwind a very happy person. We grilled good brats on site, and had a rousing 50 people of all walks of life attend the closing of Kathy’s store and the fact that Drachen has a new location! (The most visual guest was a man who was dressed to the 9s as a Pirate…the only thing missing was his parrot.) Can we throw a party or what?

Scott Presents Kathy with a gift.

Scott brought tearful joy to everyone’s eyes, in his delightful presentation to Kathy and what she represents to the kiting world. He surprised and delighted everyone in giving a quick and passionate thank you, remembering his first encounter with Kathy while standing in Suspended Elevations….from which point her expertise and knowledge of kiting grew to that of being not only a shop owner but one of the most innovative kite makers in America. Kathy has always made time for everyone and anyone, no matter how busy she is in her own personal and professional life. An evening of celebration and fond memories, we shared stories about the days of yore and what new adventures lie ahead for Kathy and crew.

Thanks to Ron and Marla Miller, Jean Sisson (Seattle kitemaker Tom Sisson’s wife), Ken Conrad, Kiyomi Okawa, Jessica Murphy, the Pernells, Anne Huston, Jim Day, Dan and Jeannie Schwank, just to name a few… I am grateful for the Foundation’s participation in honoring not only objects of history, but people as well. It is time well spent.

Kathy will continue her fine art studies with Atelier in Seattle. Good luck Kathy, may the wind take you to new and wondrous places!